Toddler Program

It is a time when children effortlessly absorb concepts and habits.  It is also a period when the natural repetition of activities develops and maintains neural pathways in the brain which during these first 3 years are the most stable creating the child's learning foundation for life.

Think about your child. Observe. 

At this age,  What makes your child the happiest? 


Chances are he or she is attracted to surroundings which are constant in pattern and arrangement, and activities that are routine and have order. At the same time, you'll probably find your toddler noticing what adults don't...  tiny objects,  hidden corners, faint noises. Montessori offers your toddler an experience in an environment that  focuses on a calm, neutral, quiet  background that supports their development.  

Montessori recognizes that all play

has a natural inner purpose to the child's development.


The classroom is carefully planned to meet the needs of toddlers and organized for their convenience. Their day involves guided and spontaneous activities that include:

Socialization - manners, communication, interaction and vocabulary.

Increased focus through uninterrupted exploration, repetition and choosing their own work.  

Modeled respect and appreciation for their environment and each other.

Materials - created with an intentional purpose for exercise in fine and gross motor skills.

The children learn self-awareness through their ability to contribute to their environment and each other. All of these daily activities builds confidence and independence.